Project Lovebomb

Project Lovebomb Exhibition: Project Lovebomb
Lark Lane / Lucerne Street, L17 8US
Date(s): 01/08/2023 - 31/08/2023
All Day

Project Lovebomb
14th August – 10th September 2023
Held across the city at venues including Whisc, Lovelocks, Gasp Vintage & Make North Docks

Project Lovebomb is about reclaiming lovebombing, by championing and actively showing appreciation to those we love in genuine and evidenceible ways.

This project originated from an experience of being lovebombed into an abusive relationship and aims to reclaim “lovebombing” from being something negative to something positive to make something good out of a negative experience, that not only benefits me but others too.

It also seeks to raise awareness about lovebombing and to spark discussion around abusive relationships. It also champions showing appreciation to the people we care about.

Lovebombing is a manipulative technique used to groom someone into an abusive relationship. It consists of flooding that person with attention, affection and compliments. It’s the honeymoon period on steroids but it’s completely insincere and designed to hook the target in and make it harder to leave once the abuse starts.

Some of the effects of lovebombing include feeling conned (or actually being conned in some cases), feeling traumatised, feeling lonely and isolated and lastly, feeling resilient.

Project Lovebomb is led by Emily Salinas as a series of interactive creative projects that will begin 14th August 2023 running until 10th September. Details of each piece of the series can be found below:

Go Fund Me

The money raised from the Go Fund Me campaign will help raise money for the workshops at Whisc and towards the Appreciation campaign (although people can specify if they only want their money to go to just one or the other).

Support Project Lovebomb and Whisc here, or search for Project Lovebomb

As well as in-person events, the process of building care packages will be shared through instragram @projectlovebomb

About the artist: Emily Salinas

About Lark Lane / Lucerne Street:

Accessibility: Outdoor (Accessible Postcard Collection from Larks)

Toilets: No

Website: Public space