Independents Biennial 2021 is done. We’ve loved and hated the last twelve months in equal measure, but the thing we take pride in is how open we’ve been able to be with the artists. Let’s face it, we’re not particularly resilient, and we’ve all struggled. We attempt to cover those struggles in a collaborative evaluation [of sorts] which you can download to keep here (or through the image link after this text).

Until the next edition in 2022, or 2023, whenever it might be, this page will host an evaluation of the programme, by the artists in it. 

You can find a full archive of the 2021 programme here, exactly as it was the day we closed.

We will be forever in the debt of the artists whose patience (and honesty when they lost it) allowed us to understand our place in the world:

Jay Hampton, Sufea Mohamad Noor, Sorrell Kerrison, Pierce Starre, Feiyi Wen, Montse Mosquera, Sam Venables, Emmer Winder, Kevin Crooks, Callan Waldron-Hall, Grace Collins, George Gibson, Fiona Stirling, Sarah Gilman, Stephanie Fry, Amber Akaunu, Fauziya Johnson, Mark Hobbs, Mark Simmonds, Alan Dunn, Rule of Threes, Avoid, and the artists and authors of our evaluation; Harriet Burns, Matt Retallick, Elizaeth Challinor & Jo Mary Watson.