One of the biggest challenges facing visual art organisations this year has been presenting context, and contextualising presentation. Our attempt to address that is to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. You can engage on Google Drive, listen through podcasts, read through blogs and view the work of artists everywhere on this website, but for a slower version of all this noise, we’ll be compiling regular updates to the programme as e-books. You can follow us on whatever app you use, or come back here once in a while to find links to the latest publications.

Follow our work as it happens, and have your say on our public Google Drive. We’re feeling our way through this digital programme, and have questions for everyone. View HERE

Through Spring 2021, we’ll be sharing stories from Independents Biennial, including conversations with studios, and ramblings on producing an arts programme in lockdown. Listen HERE


Events are happening flexibly, and in ways that are not straight forward to present in a standard calendar. See more details HERE