Grace Collins & George Gibson, The Book of Sand

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The National Library of Argentina is the last known whereabouts of the infamous Book of Sand – a book about a book that can never be finished. Forty-five years later, artists Grace Collins & George Gibson are recreating this magical text.

Below is their result:

2021-06-02 at 09.33.14

Summary keywords: notes, books, initially, worried, prototypes, work, thought, package, roll.

Just putting together the, um, like package to send down to the School of the Damned show of all of the books that didn’t work. Um, and I don’t know what to do, I don’t know whether to have, like, initially I was thinking like post it notes on each of them that say like the reasons why they didn’t work or something like that? I guess I could actually just write on the books because nothing else is happening with them, just worried I’ll spell something wrong. But I didn’t know, I thought I’d ask you whether you think it’s better to just have all of the, all the, all the prototypes in a row without any notes or whether it’s better to have notes on. Just let me know what you think.

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Summary keywords: context, festival, patrick, exciting, bored, updates, lack, confused, genius, sunday, row, post, explanation.

Um, hello, sounds very exciting. Um, I feel like the, a lack of context might be a good… Also, you might have already sent them by now, and I’ve just been really late. But I guess, like, no context is, what was it someone said? Maybe it was James, “I’d rather be confused and bored.” Yeah, so maybe just them in a row with no explanation would be, I guess, my preference. Um also another To Do List thing of Patrick just sent an email saying that the festival ends on Sunday and if we have any more updates, then we can send them to him and he can post them before it ends and I don’t really know what that would be. Um if you have any thoughts throw them out there. I can always, like, write something but I’m not sure if like creating more stuff around it is useful or not.