Grace Collins & George Gibson

Portal, Grace Collins & George Grace Gibson, 2021

The National Library of Argentina is the last known whereabouts of the infamous Book of Sand Рa book about a book that can never be finished. Forty-five years later, artists Grace Collins & George Gibson will recreate this magical text.

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What a find, Grace Collins & George Gibson

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Grace Collins & George Gibson, 2021

Page 40,514

page 40,514, Grace Collins & George Gibson, 2021

Grace Collins

Grace Collins is an artist from St Helens who researches how people work together and documents collaborations to create new artworks. This interest led to them to becoming a member of School of the Damned, The Collective Studio at Newbridge, Short Supply and Castlefield Associates, they also have a studio in Warrington where they paint, draw and write.


George Gibson

George Gibson is a bookmaker interested in deep dive research and fanaticism; obsessed with obsessions. Often using print to archive digital imagery and lost webpages. Their books have covered a range of topics branching out from fandom; societies obsession with sexy fish, non-human identity, the folklore of Twitter, and witchcraft for Millennials. In 2016 they co-founded Shy Bairns. SB are a collective interested in the intersections of bookmaking and contemporary art.


Grace Collins & George Gibson, project updates: