Too Foreign, Montse Mosquera – updates (12/04/21)

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These are drafts I made attempting to express the way I feel and tell my experience

Translation: “Mi Casa es su casa” (like that, in Spanish) those were the first words that I was welcomed with four years ago in Liverpool.

In these four years I’ve learnt to love this city, I felt that it could be a good place to settle down, and I decided to…

Translation: Have you ever thought that maybe you are not in the right place?So you decide to arm yourself with courage and get out of your comfort zone with the purpose to find yourself, to grow both personally and professionally.

You arrive at your new home, you’re scared , but you really want to see what’s next in this new place. The beginning seems difficult but there is a lot to do!Integrate yourself in a new culture, learn and improve your English so you’re able to meet people. A lot of people!

But once you feel like you got used to your new home, then you start comparing. The food, oh, you really miss food from home, the weather, “el caloret” (the warmth in a colloquial way)