Pierce Starre, Banquet Invitation

Pierce Starre has no authority to command the Lord Chamberlain to send this invitation so instead personally invites Anyone to the performance titled “Empty”; a digitally presented Council Estate Banquet, in honour of their personal experiences of the devastating effects of wealth inequality and oppression in the UK

“In the 1980’s, overall income inequality rose faster in the UK than in any other OECD country” (Manchin, 1996).

“No institution – City, Monarchy, whatever – should expect to be free from the scrutiny of those who give it their loyalty and support, not to mention those who don’t. But we are all part of the same fabric of our national society and that scrutiny, by one part of another, can be just as effective if it is made with a touch of gentleness, good humour and understanding.” (Queen Elizabeth R, 1992)

Date to be announced
A strictly non gender stereotyped dress code applies.

A reply is requested by following Piercestarreartist on Facebook and Instagram