New Podcast: Artist Hosts, Conversation #4: “Caterpillar” (on ‘Studios / Social Media’)

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Harriet Burns, Elizabeth Challinor Jo Mary Watson and Matt Retallick (Independents Biennial 2021 Artist Hosts) and Patrick Kirk-Smith (IB Director) attempting to stumble around one of the most complicated issues in the art world – social media. We were supposed to be talking about studios last week, but covered that in detail last week, following an accidental extension to week 3. Week five’s focus was a continuation of an unfinished discussion, suggested by Matt Retallick. A large portion of this podcast is spent talking about Caterpillar cakes, hence the prompt from Jo Mary Watson this week in its title.

This is week #5 of an 11 week programme. Each week we will be publishing essays, images, blogs, diaries and mixed media work online with vague connections to the subject of the week. This week was Studios / Social Media and this conversation is an end result of that week.