Mothman #4

Mothman issue for Poster Edition

ROAD Studios’ Director Tony Knox will be collaborating with ROAD members and guest artists to produce the latest issue of the Mothman comic book, and to celebrate, some of the pages are being displayed around Liverpool City Centre.

The comic book pages gives an insight into the dysfunctional life of the Mothman. As he stumbles throughout different ages in history, his tales become interwoven within recent events within the city, this cryptid being bringing misfortune in the most haphazard of ways. “With the uncertainty of lockdown, I wanted to make a more interactive piece of art work, which led me to create a poster campaign that plays into the folklore of this mysterious character,” said Tony.The QR code on the posters links to the original story of Mothman, the work and the artist on the ROAD Studios website. Individual pages will also be shown as a series of 40 large-scale posters displayed in various locations across the city centre as part of Light Night 2021 and Liverpool Independents Biennial.

Mothman #4 will feature the work of Tony Knox, Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Eoin Flynn, Robert Flynn, Kirsten Hawkins, Lauren Masterson, Louis Jeck-Prestidge, Sasha Spyrou, Lo Tierney, Tomo.

The physical graphic novel is due to be released in early 2022 as an anthology featuring all the original issues in chronological order with bonus content, including the pages from the Light Night poster exhibition. Look out for all the posters throughout Liverpool city centre from 21st May until 5th June 2021.