Montse Mosquera, Too Foreign (part 2)

Living in another country is one of the most enriching experiences you can have.
When you leave, your memory will remain fixed in that moment, unchanged, hoping that when you return everything will remain the same, on pause from the day you left.
Meanwhile, all your energy is put into immersing yourself in your new home, you want to learn everything, the accent, its customs…
It’s a new experience, you want to capture everything with your camera. You discover new places every say and you also realise that your origin attracts the attention of some, which is strange to you but you like it.
………… 🙂 -> 🙁
But of course you have bad days, and it is in those moments of sadness that you miss your friends, your family, the food… you even idealise your life at home, and although you know it’s only a result of nostalgia, you decide to return home to satisfy your desire to feel fulfilled again.
However, when that moment comes, you go from the excitement of returning with your loved ones to the comparisons with the culture in which you were recently immersed. You transition from being a foreigner to being a local again.
And that’s when you enter a dynamic of not belonging anywhere and that nowhere is your home. Your mind wishes to live in a city collage of memories, experience and people. A city mixed with the memories of all the cities you have loved… but that city does not exist.