Jay Hampton: Bio & Background

I am a working-class citizen SciArtist from Liverpool with a BSc Earth & Ocean Sciences and Zoology from the University of Liverpool and MA Art in Science from LJMU. 

My practice is based around citizen science and the environmental changes during the Anthropocene. A lot of my projects use climate data trends to look forward to the year 2050. My main areas of research are the future of food, biosensors, climate change as a public health issue and the importance of the ocean as an atmospheric buffer.

I grew up in a terrace house in the middle of 90s Liverpool. No car, no garden, no internet. Didn’t really play outside as it wasn’t very safe. My connection to nature was through The Crocodile Hunter Dairies on TV. Steve Irwin was a presenter who had a strong accent – something that resonated with me as a scouser, with an accent that is constantly mocked. A lot of things are assumed about young scouse women and it’s never that we know what we are talking about. I went into environmental science because of the lack of nature in my everyday life. My biology teacher showed us An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, which cemented climate change as my area of research. Surely this would be the next scientific frontier (I naively thought). Unfortunately, it would take society another decade to catch up. Now we have the opportunity to make positive impacts in the world. Let’s work together to make them happen.