Sarah Gilman

“Trompe l’oeil after Gijsbrechts”, Sarah Gilman, 2021

This project consists of a series of four oil paintings on canvas. It is an investigation into reproduction and appropriation in painting, looking primarily at 17th century vanitas still-life paintings with a focus on images that include books and literature. As the commission was initially planned to be held in a library setting, the intention was to draw attention to the history of books in paintings.



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Trompe l’oeil: Still Life of Books, Sarah Gilman – part 2

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Trompe l’oeil (films)

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Sarah Gilman, Reading List

When these paintings are eventually able to be displayed in a library setting, books on...

Sarah Gilman, Trompe l’oeil after Gijsbrechts

This project consists of a series of four oil paintings on canvas. It is an...

Sarah Gilman

Sarah Gilman is a painter currently living and working in the North West of England. Gilman studied Fine Art Painting (BA Hons) at University Centre St Helens and graduated in 2018 with First Class Honours. She has exhibited both locally and nationally since 2017 and was awarded First Prize at St Helens Open Arts Prize 2019.

Working primarily with oil on canvas, Gilman’s work is influenced by traditional and contemporary still-life and often takes inspiration, quite literally, from historical paintings.

Gilman’s paintings are housed in private collections, including Richard Baker’s Foyer Gallery and University Centre St Helens Fine Art department.

Recent shows include: Somewhere Between Reality and Obscurity, The Viewing Room; Enough is Definitely Enough: Pineapple Black Gallery; New Light Arts Prize 2020-21: Scarborough Art Gallery; WCAF20 Open Exhibition; More T’North, Preston; A Little Painting Show, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds; Made It, Manchester; PAINT, Manchester; Greater Manchester Arts Prize, Bolton; New Light Art Prize, County Durham, West Yorkshire, London and Cumbria.



Sarah Gilman, Trompe l'oeil, project updates: