Montse Mosquera


Living in another country can be one of the most stimulating and enriching experiences someone can have. They will never be the same again, nor will they see things the same way again.

Too Foreign explores the reverse culture shock many people experience when they move to a cultural environment that is different from their own. All from a very personal perspective.

Monste Mosquera, project updates:

Montse Mosquera, Too Foreign (2021)

Montse Mosquera, Too Foreign (2021)

Montse Mosquera, Too Foreign (part 2)

Living in another country is one of...

Too Foreign, Montse Mosquera – updates (12/04/21)

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Too Foreign, part #1

TOO FOREIGN Living in another country...


  • Open Eye Gallery, Digital Exhibition: 13 May – 6 June
  • Open Eye Gallery, Instagram takeover: 13-17 May, HERE
  • Open Eye Gallery, Online talk: Thursday 6th May at 6pm, book HERE

Montse Mosquera

Montse Mosquera is a Spanish graphic designer based in Liverpool who explores multiple disciplines, including photography, moving image, illustration and editorial design.

She has a passion for the exploration of her self-image throughout experiences, digital interactions and the different cultures that are present in her life.


Monste Mosquera, project updates: