Arthur Roberts

Arthur Roberts
Artist/curator promoting geometric abstract painting at the Loop Gallery

Loop Gallery is presenting a geometric abstract painting exhibition, titled Ratio.

The exhibition will visually demonstrate the inexhaustible platform that is held by geometric abstract art as a medium to convey and communicate emotions.

Ratio will eloquently promote a visual language that transcends social and cultural boundaries which speaks to the individual heart.

Reports of the death of painting have been greatly exaggerated, again! Now, more than ever, in a consumer-led world bombarded with flashing electronic and digital imagery, the need to induce and engage in stillness, contemplation and reflection is paramount. This exhibition will form part of that ratio which is under attack yet still worth fighting for, the aesthetic of poetry.

Ratio will explore an array of painting styles, approaches and techniques in colour and form which will dazzle and transfix visitors.

Ratio will manifest as a site-specific work containing 5 paintings by 5 artists, including myself.

Event Title Ratio