ABOUT: Emmer Winder, Social Pharmacy

"Depression Lies", Emmer Winder, 2021

St Helens Social Pharmacy is a project which invites everyone to share their personal mantra/ words/ phrases that help them through the continuing Covid19 pandemic. It is hoped that these statements will heal those that read them, causing a therapeutic, shared sense of community. At times we fear that we are the only ones going through our experiences, but it is unlikely we are alone. The understanding of common emotions and reactions can bring us closer to a state of clarity, calm and positive thought. Your words could be someone’s medication, the mental cure to a problem they face, or the advice you now realise you should take yourself.

The pharmacy is created through the production of medication bottles and pill designs. Screen printing is used to create blank templates, ready to fill with participants words of advice. These are created in various forms that link to our activity during the lockdown months: T-shirts for exercise, pillows for sleeping, tea towels for cooking and bags for shopping. It is hoped that these items will become part of the daily routine, acting as a constant reminder of the strength developed during this period. Finally, all collected statements will be applied to labelling and attached to a real medication bottle, creating a collection of metaphorical cures. These are the physical objects that will be displayed and act as the ‘Social Pharmacy’ available to all ages, genders and backgrounds as a safe and trusted source of help and advice to take when needed.

Everyone is invited to share their therapeutic advice in order to support as many as possible. Please photograph and post your completed medication bottle to socialprescriptiontracker on Instagram.