William Curwen

William Curwen
Museum MAN "Another vacant Space" – Blueprints

CULTURE TO GO : Will Curwen Liverpool England

Will Curwen is the man who after years of denial finally realised he was an artist after all. Always at the cutting edge of photographic technology, he has developed ways of recording panoramic imagery so vivid, you feel the result is somehow better than the real thing.

His recent work is reminiscent of Vermeer – sans the 21st century. Liverpool born and based, he has transcended the limitations of what was previously percieved to be a cultural backwater, and is now engaged in instructing the world via the rigours of tricolour separation photography, otherwise known as ‘optical painting’. His subject matter is wherever he finds himself at the boundaries of his own beliefs, far and wide and often on his own doorstep at his fingertips. Not to be underestimated…….

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