“The Impact of Motherhood on being an Artist” (very short) Booklist, Jo Mary Watson


“The Impact of Motherhood on being an Artist” (very short) Booklist

“Feminist Art and the Maternal”
Andrea Liss

“Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution”
Adrienne Rich

“100 Essays I Don’t Have Time To Write”
Sarah Ruhl

“Dept. Of Speculation”
Jenny Offill

“The Argonauts”
Maggie Nelson

“Heidi’s Horse”
Sylvia Fein

Sheila Heti

“(M)otherhood: On the Choices of Being a Woman”
Pragya Agrawal

„Das Unwohlsein der modernen Mutter“
Mareice Kaiser

“The Maternal in Creative Work: Intergenerational Discussions on Motherhood and Art (Interdisciplinary Research in Motherhood)”
Elena Marchevska (Editor), Valerie Walkerdine (Editor)

“Black Milk – On Motherhood and Writing”
Elif Shafak

“The Motherhood of Art”
Marissa Huber, Heather Kirtland

“Hold Still”
Sally Mann

“Dept. Of Speculation”
Jenny Offill


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