New Podcast: Artist Hosts, Conversation #5: “Climbing walls & fireworks” (on Galleries)

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Harriet Burns, Elizabeth Challinor Jo Mary Watson and Matt Retallick (Independents Biennial 2021 Artist Hosts) and Patrick Kirk-Smith (IB Director) attempting to stumble around one of the most complicated issues in the art world – galleries, and their relationships to audience. The podcast starts mid conversation, following a conversation about Patrick’s bad handwriting, and veers into uncertain territory on how galleries communicate to audiences through text, or not. Discussions on accessible communication follow and, as always, we end up doubting the value of art, and providing each other with mutual affirmations to move past it.

This is week #6 of an 11 week programme. Each week we will be publishing essays, images, blogs, diaries and mixed media work online with vague connections to the subject of the week. This week was Galleries and this conversation is an end result of that week.

Background writing to the conversation here