Monica De Miranda

Monica De Miranda
New Geographies

My work reflects how globalisation is profoundly
transforming our perception of the world and it is
provoking a new experience of history, place and time
and consequently is creating new senses of identity
and consequently new territories and geographies.

Globalisation is profoundly transforming our apprehension of the world: it is provoking a new experience of orientation and disorientation, new senses of identity and territory. The global-local nexus is associated with new relations between space and place, fixity and mobility, centre and periphery, ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ space, ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ frontier and territory. This, inevitably, has implications for both individual and collective identities. These are issues I investigate within my work ,which is rooted in cross-cultural fertilizations and pushes the boundaries of conventional notions of place and nation.

I am a traveller, neither abroad or at home-I am in between, crossing the line and borders of transient landscapes, exploring maps of transformed identities. My work refers to the impact of immigration in the creation of contemporary hybridisation culture. I call into question the erosion of national identity and old certainties in a world of dissolving boundaries and disrupted continuities. I look at how this is dissolving fixed notions of national identity and at the same time is creating , new cross-cultural hybrid fertilizations , identities and border cultures with diverse senses of place and belonging. My work intends to embrace and communicate. It looks to form a dialogue with others . It invites others to experience the cultural intersections that link our identities with the physical and perceptual world surrounding us. My work is the result of my cross-cultural practice and culture. It has been a collective process based on intercultural, cross-generational interactions and collaborations with people, my family and other artists.

Event Title New Geographies