Joy by Pauline Cummins, ROOT-ed on Joy

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Pauline Cummins, Joy

Jazz beats repeat melodically.
Saxophones float rhythmically
Captivating hearts, soothing the senses
comforting the soul.

Dancing unseen.
To soundtracks that electrify,
swaying, entranced.
‘At one’.

Friendships spanning lifetimes
Offer hope and security.
Finding ourselves in each other
As we comfort and reassure.

Displaying magnificent branches.
With seasonal shades of green.
Autumnal palates of rusts and reds.
Delighting as it is uplifting.

Creating pictures with words.
Fashioning images
through dialogue.
Forming what was formless.

Life brings unseen challenges.
Faith unexpected answers.
Hope, new possibilities.
Determination our desires.