How Lucky Am I? by Fartun Abdulle, ROOT-ed on Joy

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Fartun Abdulle, How Lucky Am I?

You can tell when a new day is about to start
By how the clouds shuffle
Ever so slightly
Into position
Waiting for their cue to part
But it’s only when the stage is set
just right, with hardly a trace left of last night 

That our star gives her nod, and
The colour show begins;

Strobes of light leaning in,
Into one another
Waiting for the moment 
They can reconcile

And I think, 
How lucky am I to witness their embrace?
Where the pinks bleed into reds
Where the yellows run into blues
Where the beginning greets the end

How lucky am I?
To brush up against the same winds 
That stir the heavens above me