Tamasine Seibold Textiles

Tamasine Seibold Textiles Exhibition: Tamasine Seibold Textiles
Cass Art, L1 3BT
Date(s): 11/09/2023 - 17/09/2023
All Day

An exhibition of works and workshops by Tamasine Seibold, exploring both birth and death, and questions of the relationship between mother and daughter.

The intensity and similarities between stories of birth and those of death or grief have informed a prologue period of work by Tamasine Seibold. The often unspoken burden of consolidating the inheritance, including many possessions, of lost loved ones, has built the artist’s curiosity of the emotional weight of inanimate objects.

The outcomes, inspired both by these ebbs, flows, beginnings and endings to life, speak of nature and decay. They offer themselves up as objects for reflection, while the artist actively seeks responses and dialogue with her audience, both through the act of exhibition, and the accompanying workshops.

Workshops 16th and 17th September- Times TBC
Price: Donation
No booking required

Creating cloth-weaving and embroidery to help create a bigger piece of work connected to the issues and stories raised. Working together to bring ideas and to learn/ share skills in both creative weaving and hand embroidery.

About Tamasine Seibold:

As a textile/ visual artist, and freestyle weaver, I am inspired by both nature and urban entropy, beauty in decay. I wish to create a community dialogue to share stories, emotions, perspectives and to approach work in a ‘Mindful and contemplative’ way.

I have a background in stage management, digital film making, and performing design using these skills within theatre, performance, and film. I also have over 25 years of working within the community delivering in support and art/design-based workshops around the northwest.

During the last 6 years I’ve been using a Saori loom, Brinkley and DIY looms not only for expanding my own creative weaving practice but also to open free-weaving to groups within the community. I do this by enabling people of all abilities to work with looms to create collective cloth.

About Cass Art:

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