Spectrum, by Lo Tierney

Spectrum, by Lo Tierney Exhibition: Spectrum, by Lo Tierney
Cass Art, L1 3BT
Date(s): 28/08/2023 - 03/09/2023
All Day

What advice would you give on coping with autism? And what makes a good autism ally?

Spectrum is Lo Tierney’s answer to that, but also their opportunity to ask the same of you.

From March to July 2020, Lo Tierney had their first ever solo exhibition at Output Gallery called ‘Spectrum’. During this exhibition, Tierney presented portraits of autistic people, including a self-portrait of themself. ‘Spectrum’ is an ongoing body of work that aims to bring people together and start a conversation between autistic people and allies.

There was an interactive space in the show where visitors could contribute their thoughts but, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the first lockdown in 2020, the exhibition didn’t reach the audience it deserved.

After spending a few years refining the project, Tierney will be exhibiting ‘Spectrum’ again for the Independents Biennial 2023, in order to reach more people and promote acceptance about the autistic community.

You can check out the Instagram page for Spectrum at www.instagram.com/spectrumartlpool

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