Launch: Material Matters: Here to Become

Launch: Material Matters: Here to Become Exhibition: Launch: Material Matters: Here to Become
Bridewell Studios & Gallery, L7 8UL
Date(s): 06/07/2023
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Exhibition at Bridewell Studios, Prescot Road, Liverpool, UK
7-14 July 2023 12-6pm daily
Preview: Thursday 6 July 6.30-9.00pm

‘Here To Become’ is Act 5 from the Material Matters Collective.

Material Matters present Here To Become an exhibition and series of events at the Bridewell Gallery, Liverpool, UK from 7- 14th July 2023.

This show stems from our shared connection to processes, questions and uncertainty, rather than a didactic of end-results and answers. Our artists look at change as a condition of life – as an infinite process of becoming, and we challenge the imposed addiction towards the new that neoliberal ontologies have impressed on our consciousness.

Visitors are invited to embrace the alchemical qualities of the material and the symbolic, weaved together into mythopoetics that are paradoxically both stable and mutable, human and more-than human.

In our first major show as a new co-operative our work will occupy the Bridewell’s two galleries.

Angelo Madonna further explores his work on body-duality, his created forms presenting a kind of living alter-ego of the self: fragile works, that play with elemental forces of fire, water and air.

Also literally taking inspiration (‘re-spirare’ It.- departing, going, to breathe the last breath) from these forces, Silvia Battista invokes ritual practice to imagine a mythological, speculative fiction: centred on a series of works which powerfully and beautifully present an alternative semiotics.

Patric Rogers presents a startling geological examination of human identity, deconstructing the figure in 3D to argue for a re-appreciation of the contribution that landscape itself has on both our physical and spiritual manifestation.

John Elcock connects with and unifies our collective’s work with a kinetic sculpture whose enigmatic form, at giant scale, seeks to weigh human souls in a chilling metaphor for nuclear annihilation.

‘Here to Become’ is an Independents Biennial event responding to the theme of the 2023 Liverpool Biennial ‘uMoya: The Sacred Return of Lost Things’ whose theme addresses the history and temperament of our city and its call for ancestral forms of knowledge, wisdom and healing.

The exhibition will be accompanied by artists’ talks and a discussion.
Please check online listings social media and our website for updates.

About the artists: Dr Silvia Battista, John Elcock, Angelo Madonna, Patric Rogers

About Bridewell Studios & Gallery:

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