Greek Myths, Northern Livestock by Jon Gale

Greek Myths, Northern Livestock by Jon Gale Exhibition: Greek Myths, Northern Livestock by Jon Gale
Cass Art, L1 3BT
Date(s): 12/07/2023 - 30/07/2023
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Greek Myths, Northern Livestock 

Jon Gale at Cass Art

In this exhibition the artist explores classical Greek myths through scenes of contemporary northern life. Transferring the warnings from within myths into the modern world. Whether through the death of intimacy between Echo and Narcissus, Pandora unearthing the dangers of social media or Arachne revealing a political truth to an outdated authority figure.

Throughout these five paintings the aim is to create a dialogue around the classics and see what relevance, if any, they hold in today’s world. The use of vibrant colour and subcultural references such as specific clothing, band stickers and tattoos seek to make the paintings accessible and relevant to a current audience.

At the centre of all the paintings is the figure, and in particular an exploration of the dynamics between people. In a post covid age of societal fractures and lost connections, the basic need for understanding and love is more crucial than ever.

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