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Date(s): 20/03/2021 - 06/06/2021
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As part of IB21, Elizabeth Challinor will be conducting casual interviews with the different artists and organisations involved in the current iteration of the festival. As the festival was pushed back from 2020, a lot of the artists have been involved and working on their projects for quite a while now, and a lot of work would’ve been adapted to be available digitally as opposed to tangibly.

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This project will share conversations with participating artists about the more ’behind the scenes’ aspects of IB21: how they’ve been creating their work, how it may have changed over the duration of the project, what changes they’ve had to make for their work to be available digitally, as well as focusing on their techniques and processes, and their experience with the biennial in general. This series aims to give a more transparent look into how the artists have been involved with the festival, and allowing an insight into how they work as artists and creative practitioners.

Elizabeth Challinor is an (occasional) artist and curator from Liverpool, whose work focuses a lot on communication, language, and highlighting the importance of process instead of final outcomes. She currently runs ORBIT, an online curatorial project that aims to promote, support and engage with emerging artists and recent graduates, through publishing written work online & hosting weekly digital residencies. As part of ORBIT, she hosts interviews with artists to discuss other creative projects and initiatives, to give an insight into how these projects are ran and the different kind of roles and positions within the creative industry.

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