FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL (app test by the bat tunnel, Dibbinsdale, 2021)

FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL is a continuation of Alan Dunn’s series that began on the Liverpool Media Wall working with Metal in 2016. This new iteration celebrates some hidden narratives around Spital, New Ferry and Port Sunlight near where Dunn lives on Wirral. He invited artists Malik Al Nasir, Singh Twins, Steve & Phaedra Hardstaff and Joseph Cotgrave to research the areas, chat with dog walkers and community activists and edit tales of Batman, A Clockwork Orange, teabags and the Beach Boys down to FOUR WORDS. Funded by Arts Council England, FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL will be brought to life through a new free Augmented Reality phone app designed by Field that will encourage us all to look beyond the surfaces.

FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL, project updates:

FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL launches today Some of Wirral’s contemporary folklore and social history can...


FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL will be launched in full Tuesday 4th May HERE


  • FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL will take over our social media channels from 3rd May HERE
  • FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL will be launched in full Tuesday 4th May HERE
  • FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL project website goes live 18th March HERE

Alan Dunn

Alan Dunn (Glasgow, 1967) studied at Glasgow School of Art and Art Institute of Chicago. He was curator of Bellgrove Station Billboard Project (Glasgow 1990-91), lead artist on the tenantspin project (FACT, Liverpool 2001-7) and completed his PhD on sound art in 2014. Through these projects he has developed collaborative content with Bill Drummond, Douglas Gordon, Gerhard Richter, Yoko Ono, Chris Watson, Roy Claire Potter, Pauline Oliveros and Brian Eno along with Wirral Drug Rehab, Big Issue in the North, European Special Olympics and Great North Run. Dunn was nominated for the Liverpool Art Prize 2012 and is co-founder of Alternator Studio & Project Space in Birkenhead. He recently collaborated on records with the Anthony Burgess Foundation and eleni poulou (Nohe Noshe and The Fall 2002-16).


FOUR WORDS: WIRRAL, project updates: