Avoid HaHa Collective

Avoid HaHa

For Independents Biennial 2021 Avoid HaHa collective is presenting a series of free laboratories where artists and performers can try out new work together, with a supportive live/ online audience, to take risks and push the boundaries of their practice and performance.

To learn more about our artists visit www.avoidhaha.uk

Ready When You Are, project updates:

Avoid HaHa, Provocation #1: Ready when you are …

Avoid HaHa Ready when you are …


  • Live work on their instagram HERE on the following dates:
    25th March 
    29th April
    27th May 
    3rd June 

Avoid HaHa Collective

The (a)void Haha collective is a group of international artists who call Liverpool home. Each artist brings a different background and skill set allowing for a unique collective perspective. The group endeavours to create and share work that involves audiences through vibrant events which are capable of generating reflection through playful interactions.

As Avoid Haha we try to keep an open relationship, where our artists can choose which/ what they can contribute to. So artists taking part in this endeavour are:


Ready When You Are, project updates: