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Soft Sanctuary Online is a programme of live events, written essays, recipes, film and podcasts curated by Bella Milroy, at the invitation of Rule of Threes. Highlighting practices of disabled artists, Soft Sanctuary explores the ceremonies of everyday life and celebrates moments often drenched in stress and strain, centering caring practices which create room for joy, ease and rest. The programme is an ongoing commission by Human Libraries. You can access more resources as part of the programme here:

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Human Libraries — Soft Sanctuary Online, Bella Milroy

This recipe is part of Soft Sanctuary Online — a programme of live events, written essays,...


Rule of Threes are part of Independents Biennial Associates Programme. Their work is produced independently, but included as a unique voice alongside the festival. Their involvement initially arose from conversations about artist residencies in Sefton Libraries as part of our programme, which could not take place due to the pandemic.

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Rule of Threes

Rule of Threes Arts is a social arts organisation based in Sefton — making small but beautiful projects which embed contemporary art into everyday life. We initiate new art programmes which create agency and change for people and their local neighbourhoods, bringing together artists, producers and local people.

Human Libraries is an ongoing programme of artist-led events, workshops, commissions and happenings bringing together the energy of artists and ideas of local people in the co-creation of new social artworks. Human Libraries is a partnership with Sefton Libraries and funded by ACE, Reaching Communities and Sefton Council.


Rule of Threes, updates: