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ROAD Studios is launching its ROAD Biennial Program to coincidence with Independents Biennial 2021. ROAD Studios will be opening it’s vacant spaces to artists in need with its Artist Assistance Residency, inviting Hope University students Sinead Coyle and Joanne Brownsword along with artist Ben Simpson to utilise their space to create work and develop their practice during this difficult time when access to work space can be a luxury.

Alongside this, ROAD Studios’ Director Tony Knox will be collaborating with ROAD members and guest artists to produce the latest issue of the Mothman comic book, giving an insight into the dysfunctional life of the Mothman as he stumbles throughout different ages in history and his tales become interwoven within folk law as this cryptid being brings misfortune in the most haphazard way. Individual pages will also be shown as a series of large-scale posters displayed in various locations across the city centre.

Mothman #4 will feature the work of Tony Knox, Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Eoin Flynn, Robert Flynn, Kirsten Hawkins, Lauren Masterson, Louis Jeck-Prestidge, Sasha Spyrou, Lo Tierney, Tomo and Andy Wolfenden.

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ROAD Studios

ROAD Studios are part of Independents Biennial Associates Programme. Their work is produced independently, but included as a unique voice alongside the festival.

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ROAD Studios is an artist led organisation that has served as a creative hub within the heart of Liverpool since 2012. The studio aims to act as a base for individual creative practice, whilst actively cultivating a supportive artistic network that nurtures the growth and development of its members.