Àgata Alcañiz

Àgata Alcañiz
Transvoyeur Liverpool/New York

Àgata Alcañiz is an artist from Barcelona based in Manchester. Originally she studied on a four year Graphic Design course at the International Massana College. This is right in the city centre of this well known city for its broad culture, art and creativity. While studying she got experience in a Graphic Design and in a Cartographic Studios.

Being interested in Digital Art she did a one-year Erasmus program, enrolling in a Multimedia Course at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. She acquired many computer programs knowledge. Progressively in her career though, Àgata become more interested in applying all the visual knowledge and new technologies acquired over the years, for artistic and no for commercial means. It is then that she decided to find a course that allowed her to do so. Gladly, she found it. That was Contemporary Art at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Àgata has exhibited at the Green Room, Manchester and has participated at the Electronic Festival Show skills here in Manchester and Portugal (www.showskills.com). Recently she has run an art project at the Pyramid and Parr Centre in Warrington, for a group of homeless residents at James Lee House Hostel (Salvation Army). She also has exhibited at LIVE!, a collective exhibition held at the Egg, Liverpool. Currently she is engaged in different art projects.

Part of the Transvoyeur Liverpool/New York 2006.
Thursday 14 September 2006 – Saturday 15 October 2006
Event Title Transoyeur Liverpool/New York